Name: 147
Title: 16-August 1998 Meeting Minutes
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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16-August Business Meeting Minutes

First meeting of Fall '98 Semester

Meeting Start: 15:01

Roll Call:

Alumni Present: Brs. Wheatley, Stocco, Watson
Absent: Matt D., Kendall (arrived late), Craig (arrived late)

Officer Reports:


  • No replacement for Andy Longo yet.

Vice President:

  • Leadership school items. Stuff handed out at Leadership School; attended by Pyrex & Stephen. 4 Tracks of development; Membership development, Campus Relations track: How to work with IFC; Media & PR track; PR on campus; Alumni Relations track.
  • Came up with some ideas to help bring in Alumni support; slight addition to pledge education process; set up pen-pal relationship between pledge class and an alumnus or alumni
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses we do; list of 15 skills needed for a successful rush obtained
  • Long distance turned o Tuesday; Sprint Business Sense; Fridays free. Identification codes required for long distance. Bond number information forms the code.
  • Oct 9-11: regionals at TAMU: Keith Pare' is president. Tim Eiler will present. Saturday event is a 3-chapter cope course. Following weekend is our retreat. If can only attend one, choose local retreat.
  • Scholarship trophy won by a chapter exactly our size. We won it. Got total of 4 awards: Higher than 3.0 as a group, highest GPA on our campus, and best local newsletter (March edition). Won a total of $400. Trophies are down front. Treasurer will discuss money dispensations


  • Jim Summers, minutes update by next week.


  • $312.46 accounts payable, $1736.73 in account. Would like $400 we won to go into seed account once we start it.


  • We did good last semester; will set study sessions after rush


  • Event tonight at 7 PM in Willoughby Lounge
  • Welcome Back Party this Thursday. Aaron will talk with 10:30 and 2:30 Intro classes
  • Picnic Monday (7-Sep)

House Manager:

  • New chore list tonight. Mark says: the House is still standing

Social Chair (not present):

  • Pres: Party planned for 22nd?

Philanthropy (not present):

  • Philanthropy event on 29th

ASK Liaison:

  • nothing


  • June Event Horizon went out; Oct 26 is next newsletter.
  • June's is on the Web.
  • ECN logins are now DCTS logins.
  • Hugh will check out accounts.


  • Jeremiah called about composite. Will be for Spring 98. Kudos to Jeremiah. Extra costs will be donated

No Old Business (except pending research).

New Business:

Stephen: Motion for the rent increase by $5 because of higher rent.

New set of rules for how rent is paid. Establishes a signable form for knowing the rules. Triangle national recommends $5 increase every year; we haven't had to do that much.

  • Failure to pay bills is valid constitutional grounds for loss of voice and vote.
  • Ira: Scholarship students may have problems with the deadlines.
  • Marcos: there is an out (the vote), but we might want to add a clause for persons on scholarship.
  • Seth: could draft separate rent agreements for those.
  • Nic: The language of "evicting" is technically not correct (proceedings, etc., may have to wait 30 days)
  • Seth: Amend "eviction" portions of bill with "being eviction proceedings" (strike)
    • Relevant sections D, E
    • Motion vote passed.
  • Nate: Move that the chapter allocate $15 to repair the foosball table before rush events begin in the house
  • Nate: could spend from $3 to about $15
  • Nate: spacer, Plexiglas, color image of crest, markings for goals, various ways that effect size and cost.
  • Nic: Money already allocated because of pledge project status? (Actually on the budget?)
  • Already on the budget, amend "allocate $15" to "already allocated funds". motion tabled; Just Do It.


  • Mark W: have initiation pictures, pictures from Seattle; have handcuff skills
  • Marcos: Went to information fair and talked to some people; there for ACM, SEDS; Brent and I went around to visit booths, several neat ideas (candy, etc.)
  • Ira: Forgot to mention consultation Sep 30-Oct 3; would like to do individual meetings throughout the week. David F (ELC). Made Treasurer of Sooner Ballroom Dance Club.
  • Nic: present to Nate; a key chain flag with EU
  • Nate: leaving Sep 1 for France. Lineys available in OK. Have pictures not developed from brewery tour; went to Grand Canyon. Albuquerque was good; made money
  • Matt D: abs
  • Stephen: In Oxford; took 13 rolls of film in 3 weeks. Didn't buy OU-Oxford sweatshirt. I've got the photos. Went to leadership school, went to Louisville chapter; dangerous door, interesting bachelor parties.
  • Jeremiah: did voluntary job, receiving honorarium. Receiving National Triangle scholarship soon.
  • Hugh: worked at IBM; both siblings going to school at OU now.
  • Aaron: woo-hoo
  • Craig: saw Wild Things with Nic this summer. Worked for Phillips this summer, had a good mentor.
  • Mark G: Didn't do sh*t this summer (in the US, anyway)
  • Mark A: Leadership school was cool; can confirm that Dr. Kim sucks. Convention in Orlando this year.
  • Kendall: Had not more than two total weeeks at home this Summer. Half a week in Ireland, then Scotland, the Denmark. Danish and Irish can drink(!). Got rid of braces; still learning to talk.
  • Mike: Life will suck for next few months with all there is to do.
  • Neil: Summer sucked, took two classes, will get credit for one. Not been drunk in too long. Looking forward to long difficult semester
  • Mark W: met with Stephen, Mark A and Kendall in Kentucky for dinner
  • Ira: Remember that career services is open this week...
  • Nic: You want an internship.

Final Announcement:

  • To new initiates!

Meeting End: 15:54