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Title: Meeting Minutes for 2-13-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 2-13-2000

Meeting Minutes for 4-9-2000

Meeting Start 6:38pm

Roll Call

*past four meetings' minutes passed

President's Report
-Bid Day Forum was last week, are we getting involved?
-Housing Meeting with OU Administration
 3 Options, 1) OU sells us a house, 2) we build a house on their land, 3) go with the city
 Not going for 823…
 Building a structure with the city looks very difficult, perhaps we could get around this
  If we buy land around the Greek Area
 Looking at options and need to get options for what to do after next year (renting…)
 University Housing Apartments in a group…
 Privately own some apartments…
 This is our last year of lease, it has not been finalized yet.
-President's Trophy
 Thanks to SRM and his effort we have won $250 from the Academic Section of the Awards
-Talked to Das, he will be too busy to become our advisor
-Crines also believes he will not have time

Vice-President's Report
-Aftermeeting is at 9:30pm
-Tuesday Dinner: SRM,MDS2   Cleanup: SCS,MEY
-Founder's Day, meeting at 3pm in the Heritage Room on April 15th
 I require RSVPs from people by Tuesday (self and guests)
 $12-13 per person (billable)
-Are we doing WOW?
 SCS, JMG and HPM will help
Secretary's Report
-Webpage is up with the minutes
-Pledge is now on the member tree

Treasurer's Report
-Pay your bills… Dammit

Rush Chairman's Report
-Finalizing Schedule and working on the Rush Rules for next semester
-Working on interfacing more

Chapter Editor's Report
-We have a sign-up sheet for events!
-Sign your name, if you have ideas on articles e-mail me
-I'll need articles in two weeks, finalizing will be during I-Week
-Mailing labels have been ordered…. YEAH!

House Manager's Report
-We have a new Washer! YEAH!
-Sign-up sheet will be around at the Aftermeeting

Social Chairman's Report
-This is Greek Week, I don't know when the events are.
-You need to participate

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Tuesday Study Group around 2pm and through dinner
-Study Group after Anime Night on Wednesday
-Wednesday Study group was a great success, 8 guys, 8 girls… (might do this for physics too)

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report

Pledge Educator's Report
-Meetings are at 6pm on Friday, Treasurer and Rush Chair are up
-Things are going well

Pledge Class President's Report
-Everything is going on track
-Busy all week, but hopefully I'll have time to memorize stuff

IFC Representative's Report
-Meeting this week
-Some sporting events are going on

Philanthropy Chairman's Report

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
-8:30 Sat 15th, Capture the Flag, after the banquet, duck pond
-Founder's Banquet, I need RSVPs (22nd - Easter Weekend)

Greek Week Chairman's Report
-Monday - Letters Day - Bizzel Statue, Greek Awards 7pm in Mecham, Blood Drive 11-4 at the DG house
-Tuesday - Blood drive 11-4 at the DG house, Read Aloud 12-3pm
-Wednesday - Trying to get something together… 6-8pm at the Field House
-Thursday and On … Unknown (NOT PLANED YET)
-Greek Week Shirts are in

Historian's Report

Executive Committee Report
-Hammered out a new budget, it works
-Possible Fund raising actives have been researched
-Rush rules have been changed
-$250 is going to be put into the Housing Fund
-Vote to accept the Exec Report (consent)

Old Business

New Business

Action List
HPM - Hamburger Feeds and Lease information
MBW- Thank You notes for the Founder's Day
MPA - Founder's Day tasks done
MDM - Greek Week e-mailings during the week
HPM - Locate a new faculty advisor
MPA - Send out e-mail about WOW
MBW - Information about Wed Access
KLR - I need to contact Bergeey and Dr. P for SGT


Br. Forsythe
-27 days left, but I am working
-It does not get easier not to scream

Br. Dickinson
-Life sucks

Br. Mercer
-Life is Spectacular
-Great weekend at Medfair
-All my projects are turned in

Br. Kraft
-Life is decent

Br. Powell
-Had fun at Medfair with my Mom and her boyfriend
-Not completed any projects at the moment
-I've been watching games

Br. Martin
-Weekend was very trashed
-My parents enjoyed it, it was great
-This week sucked ass
-I got some things done at home, but I missed some stuff here…

Br. Lowe

Br. Garner
-Medfair was cool
-I did something that was fun

Br. Aldridge
-Saw the Ballet, it was awesome, so was Medfair
-Really good Mom's Day Dinner, working on Dad's Day

Br. Rogers
-Past week was interesting
-Monday was TBP, Branson is now VP  ?
-I am now President of SGT! ?
-This week is smooth sailing

Br. Ycedo
-I saw Moby, and a Macintosh is cool

Br. Branson
-TBP was cool, I fell into the leadership positions
-I am burned and am now lobster boy, the sun is my enemy
-Mom's weekend was fun
-Ask Williams to show you the fish

Br. Lewis
-This week was alright
-I tore shit down at the Sigma Chi house

Br. Siard
-Spectacular weekend
-The sun cannot destroy me
-I now have a medfair costume
-Serenade was wonderful

Br. Williams
-I had a great and busy weekend
-Mom's Day was great
-Radhak is a crackhead

Br. Rye
-Stressed out, $
-I got to cook for my faculty in residence

Br. Meizlish
-Wear your letters
-I'll get stuff out to you
-I work too much and have too many classes, life is hell

Br. Scott
-Week was cool
-100 on my third chemistry exam, I'm setting new records… again…
-normal week

Br. McCann
-My parents came
-They are not happier, but they enjoyed it
-I now a D in physics

Br. Kirkpatrick
-two tests this week
-Sin, Cosine, and North West 39th…..

Br. Gilland
-Good week, got lots done
-Saw a wonderful 4A finals game
-Saw a cool concert
-Medfair was enjoyable
-Serenade was long but cool

Pl. Craig
-capstone got finished after ditching a team member
-I slept though Graphics this morning

Added Br. Martin
-I am now taking allergy medicine again
-My car is fucked
-I might get a job… in Dallas… in Tulsa….

Added Br. Siard
-Go see Serenade

Added Br. Powell
-Accepted a job with Motorola over the summer
-I have a ocarina

Added Br. Garner
-I have been sober for two weeks

Added Br. Branson
-A garlic press has been donated by my parents. DON"T FUCKING BREAK IT

Final Announcement
KLR,TDM,MPA - For all the work

Meeting End - 7:36pm