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Title: Meeting Minutes for 01-23-05 (Meeting #2
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 01-23-05 (Meeting #2)
Meeting Start 6:41pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheatley - Late
Br. Grady
Br. Meizlish
Br. Murphy - Late
Br. Brumbaugh - Absent
Br. Hafner
Br. Collie
Br. Ulmer
Br. Pounder
Br. Knous
Br. Prosser
Br. Ferguson
Br. Powers
Br. Faulkner
Br. Kincheloe - Late
Br. Hinrichs
Br. Heck
Br. Bagwell - Late
Br. Williams
Br. Bolton
Br. McCarroll
Br. Tuttle - Late
Br. Lamoureux
Br. Hofrichter
Br. Eyster
Br. Akers
Br. Cole
Br. Jacome - Absent
Mr. Clark Stroud
Mr. Renny Cooke

-Passed last 5 sets of meeting minutes

Officer Reports
President's Report
-Busy week.
-Discouraged not to send letter to Boren immediately.
-Had 2 hour discussion with the Tom about it.
-Not IFC's job to enforce the new policy.
-Went to full IFC meeting
-Later had meeting with Clark Stroud
-Will not be any searches of personal rooms
-Will be a 'dry house'
-Will not be signing away any legal rights.
--Similar to bid cards.
-Sent out detailed email already.
-Clark Stroud speaks
--Talked with SMP2, TNL, JLK
--Will only be coming through the common areas
--Will be arranged ahead of time
--Will be escorted by a member of the house.
--Do not foresee needing to come by the house every week.
--University very supportive of Triangle
--Cannot think of any incidents where there were problems with Triangle
--Will be more vigilant at other houses.
--Are not looking to ruin fraternity life
--Does not believe that policy will significantly impact Triangle
--What will be signed is to ensure that you understand the policies that will be put in place
--Will not be signing away issues of liability
-Renny Cooke speaks
--Pro Greek
--Not about destroying fraternities and sororities on campus
---About strengthening them
--Center for Student Life has an open door if anyone has questions
--Goal is to make campus safer
--BPG: If group of frat men go to bar and get arrested for will Fraternity get a strike?
--Stroud: If it was a fraternity event, then yes. If it was just individuals, no.
--MMC: Can chapter parties on Fri/Sat not here have alcohol?
--Stroud: Yes, as long as they're not in the house and aren't during the rest of the week.
--MWW: This house is a boarding house and is now less marketable because of the policy.
--Stroud: This is the only house that this applies to. We don't have any desire to go into anyoneís room
---to search things. Boarders would be able to put the house at risk
--Cooke: Other houses will be more marketable because they will be less of a party atmosphere.
--MWW: If there are no brothers here during the summer for example will these rules still apply?
--Stroud: No, we will be reasonable with you.
--KAF: Some of the rules impose an uncomfortable limitation.
--SMP1: We're not competing with other houses to get people to fill our house. We're competing with places
---like	Kraettli.
--BWB: Policy seems to treat Greeks and non-Greeks differently. Itís sort of like a bias. Other organizations
---aren't limited since they have no house.
--Stroud: Itís not bias. None of the other organizations have a bunch of people living in the same places.
---They are still limited to Fri/Sat for parties.
--Cooke: They will still have to sign the same sorts of things regarding hazing and drinking policies.
--Stroud: Will actually have a bigger problem with the city. Nuisance houses will be targeted much more by
---local authorities. When they are off partying in a house somewhere they are putting themselves in danger
---regarding the city and the university.
--SMP2: Heard some things regarding the education plans. Was a separate section for Greeks that was going to
---be applied before we could Rush them.
--Stroud: All new students will have to go through a web based education program regardless of affiliation with
---any groups. There will be more education for Greeks sometime between getting the bid and the pledgeship. We
---will work with you to time this education to work with the Chapter's schedule.
--DRC: Am over 21, have a lease that says I have a private room upstairs. What right does the University have to
---say I can't have alcohol in my private room?
--Stroud: We think itís the way to go. We're working with the individual organizations to create these policies.
--Cooke: All the research says that fraternity houses and such are dangerous environments and we're just trying
---to address the danger.
--KAF: What makes the Greek houses different from any normal (non campus affiliated) house filled with students.
--Stroud: They're simply identified that way.
--KAF: If the Ruf/Neks all had a house that was called the Ruf/Nek house would they fall under the same rules.
--Stroud: Since the house is not owned by a corporation, no.
-Stroud: Thanks for having us.

Vice-President's Report
-Aftermeeting at 'when we get back' aim for 9:30.

Treasurer's Report
-Some of you have paid your bills. You are awesome.
-Those that haven't are awful.
-Partial payments are accepted.

Secretary's Report
-I can count to 4.
-Mailing lists mostly updated.
-Mail Forwarding aliases available.

Rush Chairman's Report
-Have not sent rush schedule to the actives, only rushees.
-Will rectify that.
-Movie night on Tuesday.
-One bid in, no bids out.
-JHT: Formal Rush starts when people give me info.
-Rush Committee meeting: Eat at the same place for dinner.

Chapter Editor's Report
-Sent an email out to asking for reports from people holding an officer.
-I want something written in sentences about whatís going on with your position and what you're
--planning for the future. Anything you want alumni to know about your position.
-If you have an idea for an article that you want to write, let me know.
-BWB: How big will this EH be and how long do you want the articles to be?
-That will depend on the articles; I can edit them down if I want to.
-Will just send out smaller ones in rapid succession.
-JHT: If we have multiple offices do we write multiple reports?

House Manager's Report
-Work day thing posted last Tuesday.
-You have until 10pm tonight to do it.
-I'll send out reminders next week.
-Will have a more traditional work day next week before business meeting.
-Roughly 1.5 hours before business meeting.
-MCU: If more people sign up to clean the kitchen it will go much faster.
-Next weeks list of people in the kitchen for the weekend will be randomized. Trade it off if you can't.
-If you have a problem making next weeks work day email me.

Resident Manager's Report
-Sent email out this afternoon regarding resident manager rules. Will be sending out another with one or two more.
-Don't leave stuff in dining room or living room.

Steward's Report
-Grand House is reserved for the Saturday of founder's day.
-I have menus to photocopy and send out.
-Still need to figure things out regarding vegetarian options.
-Need to get onto the Steward's account quite badly.
-Need to figure out how much money per week I have to spend.
-Will be sending out kitchen duties after this meeting. Will be posting those in the kitchen.
-JAM: Make sure you get info about how much the fees will be.
-AKH: *work out a day to get the accounts transfered*

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Gonna start study nights Tuesday.
-All I plan to do this week is look into the Triangle Scholarships.
-People who want to apply should come and apply.
-BWB: There are lots of departmental scholarships available.

Appointed Officer Reports
Social Chairman's Report
-Technohaus sometime this semester.
-Want to make tshirts for. Particularly binary counting ones.
-I will probably DJ for it because I rock.
-I don't want to invent parties this semester, but if people have ideas, let me know.
-Looking to maybe do a traditional party.
-MMC: What timeframe you looking at having this for.
-After pledging.

Athletics Chairman's Report
-Does anyone want to handle looking into soccer for us?
-Who wants to play soccer? KAF, AKH, MMC, SMM, JME, LRK, SAW (conjecture, 'Aaron', Pyrex)

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
-Apparently everyone is getting married.
-JAM: Trevor (TRA) and Kendra are now engaged. Sometime Augustish, probably.

IFC Representative
-Went to the IFC meeting.
-EJH: Did you conquer it?
-No, can't dominate it.
-SMP2: Please apply, please. Please. I encourage people to do it. Possible to win just by being the only one running.

Old Business

New Business
-Passing the budget.
--JAM: Does the number of actives listed for the budget match SEF's list of actives?
--SMP2: Ī1
--SMM: Historian has $0 budget, when we want to do a composite where will that money come from?
--SMP2: We'll re-evaluate it more into the semester once we know what the income will be like.
--Call to question:
---For: 20
---Against: 0
---Abstain: 00


Br. Wheatley
-I have a TiVo series 2 personal video recorder.
-I have given up TV with commercials.
-Will be going to UMBC initiation.

Br. Dr. Br. Grady
-Colleague of mine, who I saw at the art museum today, has an extra ticket to the basket ball game tomorrow, so I get to go.

Br. Meizlish
-Last semester shaping up cool.
-Classes look decent.
-Women do not like being called 'BooBooKittyPuppy'

Br. Murphy
-Only class I'm going to is the one I'm TAing for.
-Semester of catching up on personal things and looking for a job.
-Going to take a test and then graduate in May

Br. Hafner
-I'm not first this week.
-Astronomy is the easiest 4 hours of A ever.
-Still need to enroll in 2 classes
-Need people to give me money for no reason.

Br. Collie
-Still haven't had my question answered.
-Will have new symbol tomorrow
-This weeks was the Sons of Ether.
-Thanks to SMP2 for salvaging data off a harddrive.

Br. Ulmer
-You know you're a botter when you trade a Harlequins Crest for a Sol and a Dol
-I didn't have to take minutes today

Br. Pounder
-I want a job.

Br. Knous
-I drew a guy with a beard on my PDA during the meeting

Br. Prosser
-I'm a hax0r now, I made a Linux program
-Guy made some art for my game.
-I'm a team leader now.

Br. Ferguson
-My hands are tired.
-Yesterday was Asian day.
-I like Pocky.

Br. Powers
-Several 2 hour meetings this week.
-Still haven't enrolled in all my classes
-I'm really hungry.

Br. Faulkner
-I <3 my Powerbook.
-I have a massive oozing hole in my knee.
--Put a bandage on it, it might heal now.
-I hunger.

Br. Kincheloe
-50% of this week sucked
-Other 50% made up for it and then some

Br. Hinrichs
-Those university guys talk nice.
-That is the sound you hear when you get screwed really bad.

Br. Heck
-Over the course of this meeting I've realized that my sense of bullshit is much more acute.
-Need to meet with 3 of you after the meeting
-Getting married May 28th. Small wedding. Will be party after we're done.

Br. Bagwell
-Was talking with my mother trying to think of what to get me for my birthday.
-She mentioned maybe a ticket to Las Vegas, maybe somewhere else.
-Am taking an Econ class whose prereq is pre-algebra.
-The TA put the slope of a line on the board and the class immediately started writing it down.
-Next week will be better, will get more done.

Br. Williams
-Got a new job. Looks like its going to be more difficult.
-No one understands each other, there are like 4 different cultures in the chain of command.
-They thought I was a technician, and then I was a tutor, now I'm sort of a TA.

Br. Bolton
-had a great week
-like most of my classes
-Have Dr. Page for Discrete.

Br. McCarroll
-nothing to report

Br. Tuttle
-decided that some of the teachers at OU are overqualified, some are under qualified.
-check signs in front yard over the next couple of days.

Br. Lamoureux
-will be drawing heavily on several brothers for sanity this semester
-Have Akin followed by Sridhar
-Got a Logan lot permit very quickly

Br. Hofrichter
-Love astronomy prof, hate my zoo prof. has great deals like 470gig of DVD storage for $5
-found out I could get a 200GB SATA hd for less than I paid for my 160GB drive, thinking of upgrading.
-need a job to fund this

Br. Eyster

Br. Akers
-played in Magic pre-release for Betrayers of Kamigawa. Was fun, didn't do well.

Br. Cole
-We need to get some more pledges, am really far down the line.

Member of the Week
-SMP2 for the meetings

Quotes of the Week
-"Oh, -you're- getting married"

Meeting End 7:57 PM