Name: 133
Title: Meeting Minutes for 8-21-05 (Meeting #1)
Last modified: 2005-11-04
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Meeting Minutes for 8-21-05 (Meeting #1)

Meeting Start 6:39pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheatley
Br. Hafner - Absent
Br. Collie
Br. Ulmer
Br. Prosser
Br. Ferguson
Br. Powers
Br. Faulkner - Late
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Hinrichs - Absent
Br. Bagwell
Br. Williams
Br. Bolton
Br. McCarroll - Absent
Br. Tuttle - Absent
Br. Lamoureux - Absent
Br. Hofrichter
Br. Eyster - Absent
Br. Akers
Br. Cole
Br. Jacome - Absent
Br. Roberson
Br. Sanders - Absent
Br. Campain - Absent

-No Quorum

Officer Reports
President's Report
-Went to Convention
--Voted on some bills
---Agreed to support open expansion
---Minimum GPA for pledging up to 2.3
---Raise minimum Chapter GPA to 2.5
---Allow for majors that have enough math and science to be eligable but which were not in the colleges of science or engineering
---Put Code of Ethics in consitution failed
---Not discrimination clause in our constitution
---Add active member to National Council failed
--Met Phi Sigma Rho girls
--Talked a lot with National Council guys mostly about alcohol policy.
---They want to do most of the fighting against it for us.
-Formal Rush is comming up next week.
--Need more people there than are at this meeting right now.
--Last night we went to an IFC BBQ, a few promising candidates.
--IFC President's meeting featuring Trey House.
-IFC Meeting in this house on Wednesday.
--Get stuff out of the living room on Tuesday night.
-New Officers
--SEF is Social Chair
--Looking for new PR, ASK, Philanthrapy, Librarian
--MMC is the new Rush Chair

Vice-President's Report
-Aftermeeting at 9:30
-Show up, lots of Alum there

Treasurer's Report
-Bills are out
-We moved from BoO to Republic somthing or other
-Pay your bills

Secretary's Report
-I'm going to try to rewrite the constitution. Again.
-If you want input talk to me

Rush Chairman's Report
-Welcome is this week
-Have picked out the music
--WinAmp is our DJ.
-Have the revised schedule typed up.
--Plan on having it finalized and printed before Welcome
-Its posted on the website and in the kitchen.
-Rush meeting Tuesday sometime
-Dorm Storming

Chapter Editor's Report

House Manager's Report
-Keep the living room clean
-Do your big big workday chore
-Going to have a chapter vacuum again, yay
-Don't put any more trash in the dumpster, its almost too full for them to haul away.
-Will be forming a network committee, email me if interested.

Resident Manager's Report
-Sign leases next fall.

Steward's Report
-Given access to account management tools.
-Need immediate volunteers for kitchen cleaning, esspecially those that contributed to it.
-Will be emailing out a questionare regarding when people are available to cook and clean
-Vote regarding how many meals the meal plan with have per week.

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-We need some scholarship.
-I need to gather some grades from some people.
-Was going to try to introduce legislation regarding studynights, but there is no way to enforce it.
-Will be trying to schedule two study nights a week on Tuesday and Friday.

Appointed Officer Reports
Social Chairman's Report
-Resolution of the Social Chairman

Old Business

New Business
Vote regarding meal plan
-5 meals: 9
-3 meals: 2
-1 meal: 2
Will breakfast only be an option? Wark!


Br. Wheatley
-Regional Workshop fliers
-I will need volunteers to help.
-I will be in Anchorage the last week of September if all goes well, on business.
-I am still employeed.

Br. Gilland
-Its been a long, interesting summer.
-I am going to be a HS algebra teacher in Ardmoore.
-Students show up on Sept 6.
-I am single now.
-Just had a housewarming party that lasted from Tuesday until today.

Br. Collie
-I have a long announcement.
-I do not work for Securatas, I just think the uniform makes me look cool.
-Van smells like cedar.
-For my sake, while I am working, please be careful what you drink.
-Fake tattoo contest.
--No fictional sources this semester.
--Will also be posted on my door.
-Must leave for work every Sunday at 7:20

Br. Ulmer
-Long summer
-Got new glasses
-When I get back from class tomorrow at around 1pm I'm going to work on the kitchen some, I suggest everyone also do so.
-I am awesome.

Br. Prosser
-Had an internship at NI
-Offered a full time position in Jan when I graduate and I accepted.
-Their security is handled by Securatas, which I thought was funny.
-I got a GameCube and Soul Calibur II.
-I also have some electronics for sale.

Br. Ferguson
-Spent most of this summer in school.
--Got an A in Chem, go me.
-Social stuff I forgot earlier.
-I love training to be an american swordsman.

Br. Powers
-Spent a lot of time with UMBC chapter which was only 3 hours away.
--Was there every other weekend.
--Was nice to hang out with Triangles and not have responsibilities.
-Ask me about the envolope.
--I have some interesting stories from the corrupt engineering company.

Br. Faulkner
-I am leaving the country in 10 days.
-I had a circus of 30 clowns stay at my house for two days.
-If you ever want a random post card, you should give me your address.

Br. Kincheloe
-Came back from a trip to Europe a week ago.
--Went to Ireland and London.
--Ireland is green, London is full of tea.
-Good summer

Br. Bagwell
-I graduate in x days where x is too big of a number to matter.
-I <3 Kittens

Br. Williams
-Went through Field Training.
--A major hurdle for commissioning.
--Florida sucks
-Taking 15 hours of gen eds this semester.
-Working for MIS as a tutor.
-Not letting me take of sunday nights so this is my last business meeting

Br. Bolton
-a summer with no responsibilites is awesome
-Tetris attack is dangerously addictive

Br. Hofrichter
-Have a HD for sale, 80Gig for $112 comes with 512Meg thumbdrive.
-Got into a wreck, car in shop, not my fault, her insurance pays for it
-Went to NYC a few weeks ago with my sister to get my other sister so she and my dad can go to LA where she will live.
-Found random webcomic FarSide clones

Br. Akers
-I moved into the manor.
-Had a rather long and stressful summer working
-Now I'm looking for a job.

Br. Cole
-I got to watch 7 children until 6am last night.
-Mad at Janet again because of this.
-Finally ditched Altel got a new Cingular phone.
-Got a new amp for our soundsystem here at the house.

Br. Roberson
-Had fun at convention
-Did a lot of vacationing.
-Working a lot now to catch up.

Joseph Corbett
-Boring summer
-Got a job and transfered up here.
-Have to do some paperwork before I can start work (at Hastings)
-Won't sleep through all my classes hopefully.

Member of the Week

Quote of the Week

Meeting End 7:30 PM