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Title: Meeting Minutes for 2-13-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 2-13-2000

Meeting Minutes for 3-26-2000

Start Time - 6:53pm

Roll Call

*Tabled back minutes

President's Report
-Big Event - April 1st - Participants read your e-mail invite
-James Parker is having a meeting with me, e-mail suggestions

Vice President's Report
-After Meeting is at 9:30pm
-Dinner, Tues: JWC,MLD Cleanup: SCS,MDS2
-Working on WOW

Secretary's Report
-Working of Website

Treasurer's Report
-Bills are in boxes now
-We deposited close to $3000
-National is now paid off and rent is as well, we are at least $1000 clear
-We bought a strobe light and a fog machine

Rush Chairman's Report
-Thursday was the final day
-Keep rushing for next year
-Get people to the party on Sat.

Social Chairman's Report
-Big Event is this weekend
-Bermuda Triangle is this weekend on Sat.
-(MBW)Friday Night is the official clean up night and work day
-Get me your songs or I kick you in the balls, and get shity jobs
-Buying stuff for the party - Sat at 5pm

Pledge Educator's Report
-We need to get started, we only have five weeks
-Guest Speakers for next week are: President, Social Chairman

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Thursday is no longer a study night
-Tuesday afternoon is still on
-Wednesday is also unofficial study night
-Chem Test Review next Wednesday

Chapter Editor's Report
-New version for the Event Horizon
-Thinking about the next issue, article sign up will be next meeting
-You'll have two weeks to do your articles

Historian's Report
-Last years books have been done
-President's Trophy application is now in, several sub-prizes are being issued, we look okay
-1999 Photo Album is closed

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
-Big Event next weekend

IFC Chairman's Report
-Passed rush rules next year, you'll get a copy

House Manager's Report
-(MLD) The vacuum cleaner is now broken, we need a new one, it is dead
-(MBW) Is this a problem for the party - No
-(HPM) Friday night is clean up

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
-E-mail about ASK national founders, accidentally posted it to the Alumni List
-details will be posted tonight
-(SCS) Joint chem review session, they are interested due to the female turn out

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
-(SRM) We want a list of all Alumni, chair next with the college to get this list.

Greek Week Chairman's Report
-Read Aloud is Tuesday April 11th, 12:30-3pm - meet at Loyd Noble 12:30, wear the shirt.
-Blood Drive is April 10th and 11th, 11-4 - sign up for working if possible, meeting april 4th in the union  8:30pm - TDM and MPA

Executive C Report
Rush / Pledge Ed

Social C Report
We discussed and planned the party
-we then bought coconuts

Old Buss

New Buss

-Motion to Permanently Change the Orders of the Day
 Create a task list for officers - <I have the copy>
 14 in favor, 2/3 pass, effective next meeting


Br. Forsythe
-I'll be living the next 2-4 weeks in Carson's Basement

Br. Dickinson
-Condolences to Nate

Br. Mercer
-I must be cloned to survive this week
-All of the paperwork is submitted for my honors graduation

Br. Kraft

Br. Powell
-A have a new little brother
-I haven't finished my projects yet

Br. Martin
-Last week sucked ass
-Spontaneous phone interview with HP - hardware based - suck
-I have two things due tomorrow, both are needed to survive
-Classes are okay….. it will be done comma dammit
-Tulsa made it to the Elite Eight for the first time, and then lost - I'm disappointed

Br. Garner
-I got my dog a spiked collar, it will cut your ass

Br. Aldridge
-Rachel was here this week! Yeah! She meant to say hi
-I got a new shirt - it says "it's not a phase" - I'm proud of it

Br. Ycedo
-B in GUI! Might get an A (only 4 people get them)
-I bought clothes from Structure

Added - Br. Martin
-My new suit is complete

Br. Branson
-Really good week - long but good
-Doing well in all classes but one
-Opera was cool, but translation of the fourth act was poor
-College Bowl has a match tomorrow at 7:40

Br. Lewis

Br. Siard
-started on a low note, but now, life is magnificent

Br. Williams
-Good good week
-I have reconstructed a few souls and now all is well
-And impaled a few more

Br. Meizlish
-Past week was a pain
-I won't be at the party, I have to work

Added Br. Williams
-Physics sucks ass… I really mean that.

Added Br. Siard
-I have switched Commantorix to audit

Br. Scott

Br. McCann
-Physics suck, D+

Br. Kirkpatrick
-Five weeks of classes left!
-Better weekends in a long time
-I don't remember my Tech Writing presentation
-Made up for a bad Spring Break

Br. Gilland
-Week was good
-Yesterday was great, spent it with Steph, haven't done that in 3 months…?
-Foremost scholar in Menstruation and PMS, I'm writing papers… frightening

Added Br. K
-PMS or the paper?

Pl. Craig
-Graphics is due tomorrow, No idea when Op Sys is due
-going pretty good

Final Announcement
-Pl. Craig, for being a new pledge!

End : 7:36pm