Name: 115
Title: Meeting Minutes for 10-31-04 (Meeting #1
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 10-31-04 (Meeting #11)
Meeting Start 6:30pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheatley
Br. Meizlish
Br. Murphy
Br. Brumbaugh - Absent
Br. Hafner - Absent
Br. Collie
Br. Ulmer
Br. Pounder
Br. Knous
Br. Anderson
Br. Prosser
Br. Ferguson - LATE
Br. Powers
Br. Faulkner 
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Hinrichs - LATE
Br. Kuntz
Br. Bagwell
Br. Williams 
Br. Bolton 
Br. McCarroll 
Br. Jones - LATE
Pl. Tuttle
Pl. Lamerouxeux
Pl. Hofrichter 
Pl. Eyster
Pl. Allen - Absent
Pl. Akers
Pl. Cole
Pl. Waters
Pl. Jacome
Mr. Robertson
Mr. Burgett - LATE


President's Report
- Engineering open house is this Friday; we will be running the rubber band car between 8:30 and 12:00.  Please sign up

Vice-President's Report
- Aftermeeting time TBA due to elections
- I'd like to have the basement cleared out after meeting

Treasurer's Report 
- No bills due to Baltimore

Secretary's Report
- ADH asked to vote by proxy, I granted it to him

Rush Chairman's Report
- Not Present

Chapter Editor's Report
- Not Present

House Manager's Report
- We had some furniture delivered.  Quite a bit of it is missing
- They were unreachable yesterday, more information in the future
- There was no work day this week.  Double work next week for Founders

Resident Manager
- Not Present

Steward's Report
- Chapter Dinner on Tue, its hamburgers
- ASK/Triangle Dinner on Thursday, it will be Mexican
- JLK: Founders banquet is 6:00 PM on Sat

Scholarship Chairman's Report
- Study Night Monday at 9:00
- Frankenbox has a list of Math and CS professors

Social Chairman's Report
- We had a LAN party this weekend.  We played Guild Wars

Athletics Chairman's Report
- It rained all week

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
- We have some alumni here today - MWW and SMP
- BWB: Br. Randy Ray has written a textbook, I'll try and add it to the library

IFC Representative's Report
- DU got in trouble by hospitalizing a pledge
- Phi Delta also had some trouble with a rape

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
- Good work on Adopt an Area

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
- Dinner with us on Thurs

Historian's Report
- I got pictures from SAW, I need to remove red-eye from many of the pictures

WebMaster's Report
- Nothing to Report

Public Relations Chairman
- I've got the Dark Council T-Shirts ordered; they should be here by the 15th
- JLK, I need together with you to prepare a write-up about the house
- SMP:  We passed out candy last night

Librarian's Report
- Nothing to Report

Pledge Educator's Report
- We had pledgication.  I think it went well

Pledge Class President's Report
- We're going to try and work on coming up with a pledge class project in the next week
- We're working on a pledge class name

Executive Committee Report
- Did Not Meet

Rush Committee Report
- Did Not Meet

Social Committee Report
- We need to meet to figure out an after-banquet program
- This meeting will be Thursday after dinner

Old Business

- Nominations:

- President - SMPII, BWB, SMM

- Vice President - MCU, DRC, AKH

- Treasurer - DRC, DLB, MMC

- Secretary - SAW, SMM, DLB, BWB, SEF

- Rush Chair - SMM, JHT, SMPII, BWB

- Chapter Editor - JTK, CEA, JHT

- House Manager - SAW, MCU, BWB, EJH

- Steward - LRK, JTK, JHH

- Scholarship Chair - SMM, MMC, TRJ

New Business

- Elections:

- President - SMPII 10, BWB 3, SMM 4:  SMP II wins

- Vice President - MCU 12, DRC 5:  MCU wins

- Treasurer - DLB 12, MMC 5:  DLB wins

- Secretary - SMM 6, BWB 3, SEF 8
- Runoff - SMM 8, SEF 9:  SEF wins

- Rush Chair - SMM 7, BWB 10:  BWB wins

- Chapter Editor - CEA 2, JHT 2, SMM 13:  SMM wins

- House Manager - SAW 12, EJH 0, DRC 4, JTK 1:  SAW wins

- Steward - LRK 3, JTK 12, JHH 2:  JTK wins

- Scholarship Chair - SMM 5, MMC 9, TRJ 3, DRC 0:  MMC wins

- Movement to remove RDB from office of Chapter Editor, due to dereliction of duties
- Vote to remove:  15 For, 0 Opposed
- President will appoint replacement by this time tomorrow


Br. Wheatley
- I've gotten about 6 hours of sleep since 10:00 on Friday
- The party at UMBC was awesome

Br. Meizlish
- This Thurs, Fri, and Sat are the last performances for Voices in the Dark by Carpenter's Theater
- I highly recommend everyone watch it

Br. Murphy
- I feel tired, slightly sick, and I'm way too early
- Guild Wars is awesome, we beat roughly 1600 people
- A reminder, rent is due for DeBarr

Br. Collie
- I had a lot of fun in Baltimore
- I'm sleepy
- I like Borg

Br. Ulmer
- Guild Wars was totally puppy
- I played for 44 hours and 48 minutes
- The next two days will totally suck.  A whole lot

Br. Pounder
- TRJ needs to feed is own puppy fish

Br. Knous
- Thurs evening I was offered a job with Slumber Jay; my condolences to TNL for not make it
- UMBC was absolutely awesome, I had a different kind of fun this time than last time
- I flew first class for the first time today

Br. Anderson
- I forgot

Br. Prosser
- I also played Guild Wars
- I only got 25 hours of play in due to Halloween

Br. Ferguson 
- I also played Guild Wars way too much this weekend
- I think I played the most at 47 hours and 48 minutes

Br. Powers
- I don't even know what to say
- If anyone wants an elected position, let me know

Br. Faulkner 
- At the next installation of officers I will not be an elected officer for the first time since my pledging semester
- Since I don't have enough time to do my work, I played through SMAC on Fri
- Aftermeeting at 10:00

Br. Kincheloe
- Guild Wars if fun
- W007 for my stint of power

Br. Hinrichs
- I got an A- on a physics test I didn't know the material for

Br. Kuntz
- I played Guild Wars for 16 hours and 9 minutes
- The OSU game was pretty exciting
- We played Boomer Sooner 192 times, my lips and lungs hurt, it was worth it

Br. Bagwell
- I'm hungry
- This week is still pretty blegh
- Scary movies are wonderful things to take girls to

Br. Williams 
- My truck is still broken
- ROTC was wrong, and owes me money

Br. Bolton 
- I'm ready for meeting to be over

Br. McCarroll 
- I've got a lot of tests coming up, and it sucks
- I'm looking forward to local founders
- I'm going to Anchorage, Alaska a couple days after founders

Br. Jones
- Baltimore was fun
- I'm hungry and sleep deprived

Pl. Tuttle
- I discovered this weekend that if you don't eat, you don't require sleep

Pl. Lamerouxeux
- I can't remember the important events of the week due to Guild Wars
- If anyone is heading to preorder the game, take me with you

Pl. Hofrichter 
- I don't know which sucks more - Physics, Calculus, or cold weather
- Is there a coat rack in the Manor?

Pl. Eyster
- No announcement

Pl. Akers
- Not a lot to say
- I've got some tests coming up

Pl. Cole
- We had the biggest, ugliest air cannon ever seen, but we had the furthest launch.  Ours traveled over 2000 feet
- We are finally done building the cannon
- I went trick-or-treating with the kids last night

Pl. Waters
- I also went to Stillwater this weekend
- I almost got assaulted twice in the stadium
- I'm making three A's and a B now, which is awesome

Pl. Jacome
- I'm doing the best in the three classes I care the least about
- I learned that only weeks away, we should be moving into our new house
- I suggest everyone be off the road by Monday

Mr. Robertson
- My week has been pretty run of the mill
- I'm doing well in my classes
- Friday was exceptionally good, as I got 8 hours of sleep for the first time this semester

Mr. Burgett
- Guild Wars rocks
- My game is going great, I'm thinking about killing the party again

Quote of the Week
- "Is your gun downstairs, because I really want to shoot you with it" - SEF

Member of the Week
- New officers

Meeting End 8:33 PM