Name: 11
Title: Meeting Minutes for 10-22-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 10-22-2000

Meeting Minutes for 10-22-00 (Meeting #10)

Meeting Start 6:35pm

*minutes did not go out

Roll Call


President's Report
-Officer Nominations are today!
-Please go and vote for the IFC officers

Vice-President's Report
-Aftermeeting is at 9:30pm
-Tuesday Dinner: Meet at the manor at 6:30pm
-WOW will be a buffet style meal at the Union

Secretary's Report

Rush Chairman's Report
-Working on the Rush Chair Notebook, tell me if you see the stuff for it

Chapter Editor's Report
-I have one article (from a pledge) Write your damn articles
-I cannot print without content
-Get them to be NOW!

House Manager's Report
-(MAB) The workday at Apache didn't get done
-(MAB) We had three workdays last week, attendance was abysmal
-(MAB) I'll post more work days tonight, thanks to those that showed up
-(MAB) The upstairs of Apache is sealed
-(MAB) Check your e-mail and help out, please!
-(MWW) The noise on the phone lines is being dealt with

Social Chairman's Report
-(HPM) George says tell IFC and no one else
-(MAB) We will know by Friday if this is likely for the party on Saturday
-(MAB) If it does happen, it will be at the Manor
-(MAB) We may have to cancel at the last minute
-The social meeting is now Wednesday at 6:30pm
-I'll be assigning tasks and handing out a list
-In order to keep the neighbors happy, we are going to park cars on a nearby parking lot and seize keys

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Meeting on Wednesday at 7pm on

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report

Pledge Educator's Report
-We have a change in schedule, scholarship chair was last week
-House Walk will be next week

Pledge Class President's Report
-We had out meeting
-Br. Siard came and spoke, he was tormented
-We had Alcohol 101

IFC Representative's Report
-(JMG) President's Trophy meeting is on Nov 2nd at 1:30
-(JMG) Free concert at Lloyd Noble on Friday.

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
-You are all lazy! Except Branson
-Next weekend, 5pm we will pick up our area

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
-Masquerade Ball is Nov 18th, 8-10:30pm

Executive Committee Report
-Did not meet
-Next one is Tuesday at 5:30pm at the manor

Old Business

New Business
-(MAB) Motion to Open Officer Nominations (DONE)

 President:  MAB (by MDM)
   SCS (by TDM)
 Vice Pres: MBW (by BMG)
   T?A (by T?A)
   JCK (by KLR)
 Secretary: MDS2 (by BMG)
   JCK (by MPA)
   J?T (by MAB)
   JDP (by MDM)

 Treasurer: SCS (by MAB)
   TDM (by Q?A)

 Rush Chair: MDS2 (by BMG)
   JCK (by MAB)
 House Man: BMG (by BMG)
   MPA (by MAB)
   TDM  (by MBW)

 Chapter Ed: J?T (by MAB)
   T?A (by TDM)
 Scholarship: MPA (by MPA)
   SCS (by SCS)
Action List
(HPM) - Flyer about the new neighborhood meeting, and meet them
(AML) - Legislation together for the new officerships
(MWY) - Get a hold of noise control, see how loud is too loud
(HPM) - Get new legislation out for officers
(MPA) - Local Founders stuff out
(MBW) - Send out reminders
SCS - Get Cable in the Manor
MAB - Call Mrs. Marks about Upstairs Apache
TNL - Register the Party


Br. Wheatly
-Adidas hats are cool

Br. Bryant

Br. Watson
-I'm moving to Frisco, which is north of Plano, which is in Texas

Br. Dickinson
-I had 13 hours of sleep today

Br. Kraft
-Good week
-The Creed Concert was cool
-I had no midterms

Br. Powell
-Rain sucks
-I have two new games
-Numerical Analysis is the new bane of my life

Br. Martin
-I'm still alive, but distraught
-Refs suck ass

Br. Garner
-I'm almost 21

Br. Aldridge
-Really good week
-Weekend was beautiful (tornadoes are great)

Br. Rogers
-Happy almost birthday to MAB and T?A
-I had a test on Friday

Br. Ycedo
-This weekend wasn't crazy, first one in a while
-Wiccas love drugs

Br. Branson
-My birthday is Tuesday, I'll be 20
-I have a hellish week this week
-I have a paper due tomorrow
-Thanks for showing up for work day
-Congrats to SCS for getting into Tau Beta Pie

Br. Lewis

Br. Siard
-I'm getting in to Tua Beta Pie
-I have to do my compilers project, no sleep
-Got an A on my last Asian Project

Br. Williams
-Great week
-I'm going to level a small forest printing my compilers project

Br. Rye
-Past week was better than last week
-Had a wicca thing Thursday, it was cool
-Got advised, Capstone is next year
-Last midterm is coming up

Br. Meizlish
-Thinking of developing flu for the Nebraska Game
-I'm cold and wet

Br. Scott
-Had a calculus exam, I didn't make an A, praying for a B
-Maybe the Tornado could help

Br. McCann
-Few tests tomorrow
-OG+E sucks!

Br. Kirkpatrick
-The Meteorology Majors will lose half their class because they cannot do thermo
-I'm on the upper crust
-Thanks brother Aldridge for your VCR

Br. Gilland
-Sunday/Monday, me and Steph are no longer dating
-I am now much better
-I'm sorry if I missed things, now I am better

Pl. Thomas
-Made an A on my Calculus test
-Rally Car Racing rocks

Pl. Mulder
-I'm gesturing in my pocket to life, god and all
-I've dumped my 6' tall best friend
-This whole week has sucked, I'm failing two classed
-I have two papers due tomorrow, and midterms next week
-YMCA has cut me, My car is gone
-The whole idea of women right now is low…

Pl. Amen
-I've got my Chem Minor added
-My bike has blown all four of it's fuses
-I've got a second interview soon

Pl. Abernathy
-Two or three tests coming up
-People that cross mediums at 1 am on wet rainy roads should just die
-Thank god for anti-lock brakes

Guest Robert
-I will be pledging!

Final Announcement
-Robert for membership

Meeting End 7:41pm