Name: 101
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes for 04-27-03
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 04-27-03 (Meeting #14)

Meeting Start 6:30pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheatley
Br. Grady
Br. Aldridge
Br. Branson
Br. Siard
Br. Williams
Br. Meizlish
Br. Scott - ABSENT
Br. McCann
Br. Thomas
Br. Martin
Br. Abernethy
Br. Cantu
Br. Murphy
Br. Brumbaugh
Br. Hafner
Br. Collie
Br. Ulmer
Br. Pounder
Br. Knous
Br. Anderson - ABSENT
Br. Vargas - ABSENT
Br. Prosser
Br. Ferguson
Br. Powers
Br. Faulkner
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Hinrichs
Pl. Heck
Pl. Siegel - ABSENT
Mr. Kuntz

*Quorum achieved, vote to pass minutes from 04-13-03*
*Passed by consent*

President's Report
    -People who need to get some of the budget for next sememster, send requests to myself and treasurer

Vice-President's Report
    -Aftermeeting at 9:00, starting a little earlier
    -I-week starts Monday, May 12 at 3:00pm
    -Initiation on May 17 6:00pm

Treasurer's Report
    -Bills are out
    -Did not include payment plans
    -Did not charge parlor fees
    -Did bill for five dinners, no dinners for May
    -Last bill of the semester
    -Accounts receivables at $13,397.67, up 2.7% from last month
    -Pay your bills
    -Rush is way under budget
    -Social has $200 left
    -IFC will be paid for rush manuals on Monday

Secretary's Report
    -Sorry about minutes, we will get it worked out

Rush Chairman's Report
    -Have 4-5 people already interested for next semester
    -Will get rush schedules out
    -IFC Greek Preview Day next Saturday, Manor must be open

Chapter Editor's Report
    -Nothing to report

House Manager's Report
    -Big thank you to everyone who showed up for the house clean-up
    -Next Saturday, 2:00pm is next clean-up day, doesn't take long
    -Thanks to Br. Siard for mowing and Br. Grady and loaning his mower and Br. Lewis for his mower
    -Over next week, take care of lawn, fertilize it on Wednesday
    -In general, if you see stuff that needs cleaning or fixing, let me know, I'll put it on the chore list

Steward's Report
    -Ground rules for Kitchen
    -Anytime you use a dish, rinse it out very well and put it in a dish tray
    -Once the dish tray is full, turn on the dish washer, if you don't know how, come to me, I can teach you
    -If you make a mess, clean it up
    -Refill ice cube trays
    -Eat only your food or that which was at a recent chapter dinner, make sure you label your food
    -Pantry is free game for food storage for the summer, at least
    -Dinner this week, had an offer from two fraternity friends that they would make dinner, but it would be vegetarian
    -Anyone want to help cook?...Pl. Heck volunteers
    -Clean-up?...JHH, JAM, LRK
    -Interested doing chapter dinner Tuesday of finals week?  Several express interest

Scholarship Chairman's Report
    -Finals approaching, see me if you need help, I have access to test files, don't flunk
    -This is "dead" week, be aware of your rights, don't let professors violate them, I have already heard complaints

Social Chairman's Report
    -MPA: New social chair for next semester needed

Athletics Chairman's Report
    -Nothing to report

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
    -Thanks to Br. Burgess for lawn care equipment donation

IFC Representative's Report
    -Passed rush rules for next semester, look the same as before

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
    -Nothing to report

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
    -ASK had their banquet over the weekend, their alumni came
    -All three pledges initiated this past friday, membership up to 7 now

Historian's Report
    -Anything worth mentioning for the past week?  No
    -Group picture?  During I-week, tuesday maybe, dress well

WebMaster's Report
    -Need to talk to secretary about minutes

Public Relations Chairman
    -Someone else will do this next semester

Pledge Educator's Report
    -Had a nice meeting, thanks to Br. Wheatley for the house tour
    -Next meeting at some point on Tuesday night
    -Important meeting on Tuesday night about all things concerning the Manor

Pledge Class President's Report
    -We were educated this week, went around town
    -We continue to be educated

Reaper Report
    -Nothing to reap
    -Anything to reap for this week?...nothing

Executive Committee Report
    -Will meet during I-week

Rush Committee Report

Old Business

New Business

Action Item List


Br. Wheatley
    -My car has a working CD player again, I'm happy

Br. Grady
    -Someone coming to take picutres of our house tomorrow so it can be put on the market

Br. Aldridge
    -Anyone can get into Phi Beta Kappa if they stay long enough

Br. Branson
    -Going to be giving Topology seminar on Tuesday at 4:00pm on 8th floor of PSC
    -I hate Robotics
    -Will be at NASA AMES for the summer

Br. Lewis

Br. Siard
    -I hate Software Engineering
    -Starscape is a great game

Br. Williams
    -Dallas Stars are losing
    -2 hour conversation with Dr. Kim, he walks very fast

Br. Meizlish
    -Had a painful week
    -Took one test, thought I was well prepared, got another test back, I did poorly on it
    -Physics teacher tore my research paper apart, says I did horrible on it, but he doesn't know what he's talking about
    -Saw "Bullet-Proof Monk", great movie

Br. McCann
    -Taking GMAT

Br. Thomas
    -It'd be cool to have a laser microphone

Br. Martin
    -This week has been a lot of work

Br. Abernethy
    -There are people in this world that are stubborn, so it was a bad week because of that
    -Only a few more days of Foundations(hate) left

Br. Cantu
    -holds up Apple computer which glows
    -Got 100% on Dif Eq exam

Br. Murphy
    -Yea, now I can get my Dif Eq textbook back
    -I didn't think Foundations was all that bad

Br. Brumbaugh
    -There is a portion of me that wishes that this semester never occurred

Br. Hafner
    -My room in the Manor is almost done

Br. Collie
    -Pretty sure I'll pass all my classes this semester
    -Got a burn blister on my thumb, popped it while working outside today
    -Celebrated my mother's birthday by buying a box of chocolate-covered cherries for myself

Br. Ulmer
    -So much to worry about, so little motivation

Br. Pounder

Br. Knous
    -Working out in the sun was good
    -A migraine snuck up on me, so I ache now
    -Two finals next week, three finals during finals week

Br. Anderson

Br. Vargas

Br. Prosser
    -I have three finals next week and three on finals week
    -Got hired into an internship program after being told it was closed
    -New symbol, and moved into the Manor

Br. Ferguson
    -I also moved into the Manor
    -Family helped clean out the apartment, found lots of stuff that was not property of the occupants

Br. Powers
    -I was initiated into Sigma Gamma Tau this week
    -Stayed up all night on Thursday doing homework, no caffine or sugar
    -Have no clue when I am

Br. Faulkner
    -I'm incoherent
    -My computer and internet are getting along again
    -Dustin will be assimilated next semester, he enjoyed party last night
    -Taking voice lessons over the summer
    -I agree with Br. Ulmer completely

Br. Kincheloe
    -Friday was fun

Br. Hinrichs
    -Being doing badly in my classes
    -Trying to get late withdrawl from my classes

Pl. Heck
    -First week since 1999 that I have been in school and not had to work
    -Babylon 5 season two arrives on Thursday

Pl. Siegel

Mr. Kuntz
    -Birthday is this coming Monday, been celebrating all weekend
    -Did two months of homework in two hours
    -Two finals on Wednesday, two on Thursday, and none during Finals week
    -Left brain broke down, let me order a copy of Final Fantasy 10

Tool of the Week
    -Triple tool
    -SEF, SMP1, and TRA for stringing CAT5 network cable along the balcony coming down the stairway

Final Announcement
    -TRA, SCS, and MPA

Meeting End 7:22pm