Name: 10
Title: Meeting Minutes for 10-15-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 10-15-2000

Meeting Minutes for 10-15-00 (Meeting #9)

Meeting Start 6:35pm

Minutes did go out, both are passed as edited

Roll Call
JDP - LATE (extremely so)

President's Report
-Exec council met - REPORT DOES NOT GO HERE!!!!
-I was going to introduce official legislation this week
-Officer Nominations will be next week
-Pledges, you can be elected, but you cannot vote

Vice-President's Report
-Aftermeeting is at 9:30pm
-Tuesday Dinner: Meet at the manor for dinner and we'll go out. SOP.

Secretary's Report
-Minutes are out
-Webpage is a mess
-All is normal

Treasurer's Report
-(HPM) We need bills…
-(JMG) -PAY!!!

Rush Chairman's Report
-Rush events continue
-We have two bids out…

Chapter Editor's Report
-Event Horizon Articles are due today, but nobody has started… Hmm…
-<The Article Assignment List was read>
-Please give me new articles

House Manager's Report

Social Chairman's Report
-We have a party coming up, pending the legal stuff

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Midterms are here, study people
-Wednesday is generic study night

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report

Pledge Educator's Report
-We had the secretary speak
-We explained the Rules of Order
-This week we are talking about Chapter Local History

Pledge Class President's Report
-Nice to have the secretary with us
-The Paramilitary stuff was interesting…. Long….
-(HPM) 5th of November you will run a meeting

IFC Representative's Report
-There is a meeting this week

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
-Cleanup Crew was assigned

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report

Historian's Report
-none <after three calls>

Executive Committee Report
-We met
-We will meet again Tuesday at 5:30pm

Old Business

New Business

Action List
(HPM) - Flyer about the new neighborhood meeting, and meet them
(AML) - Legislation together for the new officerships
(MWY) - Get a hold of noise control, see how loud is too loud
HPM - Get new legislation out for officers
MPA - Local Founders stuff out
MBW - Send out reminders


Br. Bryant
-There was a football game

Br. Dickinson
-I need to call back on my job
-Life is just kinda going on
-Today is my birthday!

Br. Kraft
-Good week
-I aced a test
-I'm going to call back some companies on Monday, Life is good

Br. Yarrison
-Southwest Research Inst. Is flying me down for an interview
-I will be a bitch until after midterms

Br. Martin
-I had some midterms, Numerical Analysis kicked was difficult
-Had a good interview, have another option up at Tinker
-Who knows I might stay in Central Oklahoma

Br. Lowe
-Been a good weekend
-Midterms blow
-I need help with philosophy

Br. Garner
-Shitty weeks just keep on coming…

Br. Aldridge
-I have caught a polymorphic variant of the plague, again…
-I question the ability of my immune system
-Nice weekend though

Br. Rogers
-Weekend was good
-Disco Ball is now over to the Manor
-Lisa was away, this sucked ass
-I got to go to Borders, got it signed by Orson Scott Card ?
-He was in a Jimmy Buffet Outfit, he's cool as hell, I'd rush him
-I got a 39 out of 40 on my first test

Br. Ycedo
-I've had two midterms
-I got through them
-My parents were down this weekend, but this weekend has been crazy
-Girls are just there, dude.

Br. Branson
-Long week, and plague
-I ended up sleeping for 16/24 hours on Friday
-Kicked the shit out of a midterm

Br. Lewis

Br. Siard
-Everyone has plague… I am happy
-My midterm, I can figure out 50 uses for a Catalan number, but none now

Br. Williams
-OU kicked some serious ass, watched the game with Br. Meizlish, we kick ass
-Good week, Algorithm Midterm went fairly well
-Great weekend
-Life is good
-Oh yeah, Compilers Midterm is coming up <yawn>

Br. Meizlish
-I got a 24 hour plague, threw up a lot on Thursday
-I missed Branson's game
-We beat K-state, on to Nebraska

Br. Scott
-Go Sooners, we are number 3!
-Planning a trip to California soon

Br. McCann
-With all the classes that were canceled, I was in class for 8 hours
-I am plague free

Br. Gilland
-This weekend kicked ass
-I found out last week that I am taking a class on Drugs and Alcohol
-Life is good

Br. Craig
-One of my friends passed a Sobriety test completely trashed
-I am out of here this semester

Pl. Thomas
-Stupid Chemistry exams went… <fatality> <- bad
-Abraham still sucks though

Pl. Mulder
-I wasn't here last time because 6'1" Brunette wanted to go and we went
-My car died on Monday, on this trip outside of Denton
-I got driven back by a little out lady, it was a good day though
-I got my brother's cell phone and truck
-Her name is Diana
-I got a page during a test by the OUPD, defended a friend, and then took a test
-This weekend a girl came up from Texas…

Pl. Martin

Pl. Amen
-One of my buddies has a bar for sale ($900), let me know
-I have a Hockey game tonight a 8pm
-We will get our ass kicked

-Putting off math homework till the last minute is bad

Added Br. Powell
-I rocked two midterms

Final Announcement
-MPA, MAB - for raking leaves

Meeting End 7:19pm